Thiết bị chuyển mạch Cisco SG250-18-K9-EU switch

Thiết bị chuyển mạch Cisco SG250-18-K9-EU

Cisco SG250-18-K9-EU switch:

  • Ports: 16-port Gigabit + 2-port Combo (RJ45 + SFP).
  • Switch layer-2, layer-3.
  • Switching capacity: 36Gbps.
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Thiết bị chuyển mạch Cisco SG250-18-K9-EU 16-port Gigabit + 2-port Combo (RJ45 + SFP). Performance: Switching capacity 36Gbps.

Hỗ trợ Layer 3 routing: IPv4 routing : Up to 32 static routes and up to 16 IP interfaces; IPv6 routing; Layer 3 interface; Classless Interdomain Routing (CIDR); DHCP relay at Layer 3 Relay; User Datagram Protocol (UDP) relay.

Layer 2: Port grouping up to 8 ports per group with 16 candidate ports for each (dynamic) 802.3ad link aggregation, Support for up to 256 VLANs simultaneously (out of 4096 VLAN IDs), Head-of-line (HOL) blocking HOL blocking prevention.

Internet Group Management Protocol(IGMP) versions 1 and 2 snooping: IGMP limits bandwidth-intensive multicast traffic to only the requesters; supports 256 multicast groups.

Công ty TNHH SLA phân phối switch SMB Cisco, SG250-18-K9-EU tại Việt Nam. Liên hệ ShareTech Vietnam để lựa chọn thiết bị chuyển mạch switch phù hợp nhu cầu.

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